The best children's books

In Maneno you can read many wonderful children's books. We have the pleasure of presenting the best books for children from beloved authors from the best publishers. We update the children's books that are made available every single month, so you never run out of reading material and captivating stories that bring the child into the world of literature. Here you can see a small sample of the books that you can find in the Maneno app.

What is Maneno?

Maneno is a new and different reading app, designed to help children become strong readers.


Maneno is a reading app that is available for your tablet. At the moment we support iOS and Android. You are currently able to download Maneno in App Store and Google Play and use on your tablet, iPad, iPad mini and CromeBook.


We exhibit a wide selection of popular children's books in various levels of difficulty and genres. We make sure that each book is of a high quality and therefore we only provide books that we know that the children love.


Maneno is inspired by the popular Tamagotchi game from the 90's. In Maneno, the children are given their own dragon, that they have to "feed" by reading to it every day.

Your child will be motivated to read!

Reading IS hard. As a child, you will be faced with a lot of challenges on your “reading journey”, which can leave even the best of readers with very little motivation to read. Therefore, it is extremely important that reading is made fun for the child, so we can focus on the good stories that will motivate the child to keep reading all through life.

ALL children who have tried Maneno - are drawn by the Maneno-universe. Because it's new, fun and exciting. It speaks directly to the child because reading is made into a game.
In Maneno, your child receives their own “reading-dragon” that they must take care of and read for each day. If they are able to read every day, the dragon grows bigger and smarter little by little.

The child reads to his dragon by choosing from the hundreds of children's books available in the library. The books can be read offline or online.

There are numerous books of various levels of difficulty and genres that allow the child to immerse in just the book that suits him. It is therefore a perfect tool for children to learn to read. And the best thing is .... you don’t have to think about which reading level you are on! Maneno keeps an eye on the child's reading level and displays books that suit the child. At the same time, Maneno lifts the child's reading level by letting the child challenge himself with more difficult books.

In addition to the children always having hundreds of children's books at their fingertips, they can also get help, through various help features built into Maneno. This makes it easy for the child to get reading assistance even if there is not an adult present.

Maneno is a reading app that lets the children discover how fun and inspiring it can be to be absorbed by good books.

Maneno in 1 minute

The video below gives you a quick introduction to Maneno and shows you how to get started.


How can Maneno help your child?

Maneno has several tools that can be used if the child stumbles upon problems while reading. The little, blue dragon Maneno is always ready to help and show the child how a word is read or how to divide the words in syllables to better read them. The reading app has many other very useful features, so that the child always gets the best possible experience every time. In Maneno you will find word explanations, both in the form of images and synonyms. It is possible to change the font size, the distance between the lines, or completely change the background color to make it easier to focus on the sentence that is being read.
Every book has an assignment that the child can complete and thereby confirm whether the story is understood correctly. A reading feature has also been installed where the child can record a reading and immediately after check if the reading was done correctly.




Reading assistance


Why read on a tablet?

Kids love iPads and you've probably seen how their interest is awakened when there's an iPad nearby. Reading on a tablet allows children to see and touch the words and interact with the content. Why not use this curiosity to make them want to read? Compared to traditional physical books, the electronic books offers a unique opportunity to get closer to the books and get help while reading.

The best help you can give

As parents, we are interested in helping our children as much as possible. You can help your child to become a better reader by giving them access to Maneno. In Maneno we do everything to help your child become a better reader. We do this by continuously analyzing the children's reading patterns and identifying how we can best support them.


A lot of children can’t be bothered to read. Motivation is the foundation of becoming a good reader. Maneno provides the built-in dragon concept to motivate the children to read. Once your child has entered the Maneno univers he will want to read, without you having to tell him to.


One thing is to be able to read words and letters. Another element is understanding what you have read. Maneno has built-in questions to every book where your child can earn more points for his dragon and test if he has understood the book just read.

Reading assistance

Maneno contains several features that makes it easier for your child to read. For example, your child can use our reading guide to keep track of the lines being read or he can click on the difficult words to have them read out loud or split into syllables.


In Maneno it is easy to detect your child's reading development and efforts. You have insight into how fast your child cracks the reading code so you can help your child lift his skills.

Maneno Family

Maneno Family is for private use, where you as a parent can give your child the best reading help possible. You have access to a variety of titles. We offer Maneno in various subscriptions starting from 7 USD per month. You can also choose the free edition which gives you access to a limited number of titles. However, Maneno is more than just a reading app. As a subscriber to Maneno Family, you are also invited to special family events where the Maneno Dragon will visit

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Maneno Class

You can also buy Maneno for school use. At a fixed low student price per year, your students gain access to over 200 titles in Maneno. In the school edition, your students have access to Maneno and special functionalities tailored especially for school use. Maneno for school use was developed with the support of the Ministry of Education and with input from hundreds of teachers and over 4,000 students.




How do you get started?

Sign up

You can open an account here on the website. As a new user, you will have access to over 300 titles for free for the first 14 days. After the first two weeks, you have the option to upgrade or downgrade your subscription and you can terminate your subscription at any time.


The next step is to download the Maneno app from your App Store. Simply type in “Maneno” in the search box in iTunes and you will find it. At the moment Maneno is only available on an iPad or iPad mini, but very soon you will also be able to use Maneno on your cell phone. If you are using Android, Maneno is available in Google Play Store.


Now you are ready to get started! Use the information you have entered on the website to log onto Maneno. Just start reading and watching the Maneno dragon evolve.

Are you still not quite sure?

Are you still considering whether Maneno really will make your child read 15 minutes every single day? If you're still in doubt, read below what some of our users say.

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