Maneno Class

Rising class sizes combined with squeezed school budgets make it increasingly difficult for teachers to provide the individual support that many students need to develop their reading and comprehension skills.

Maneno Class – Helping your students to read

`As a teacher, it is often a challenge in itself to motivate a child to learn to read and to keep them motivated through their struggles and frustrations, whilst also maintaining their attention. As a teacher, one can appeal to parents and try to establish a "reading contract" with the home, but it can be difficult and time consuming to keep track of whether everyone is reading what has been agreed. Furthermore, there is a lot of work related to the logistics of the books - ensuring that they are handed over etc. In response to these issues, we have designed an innovative, clever and (yet incredibly fun!) reading app, in response to the challenges the schools are faced with. The interactive reading features combined with Maneno's game concept gives the kids a unique, exciting and fun reading experience that embraces ALL (strong and weak) readers.

Maneno is targeted students in K12 and developed in collaboration with schools and students.

Developed in collaboration with schools and students.

The development of Maneno is supported by the Ministry of Education and has been conducted in cooperation with teachers and students in schools around Denmark.

For teachers and educators, Maneno simply offers a fun and engaging way to get the kids engaged in reading at school. Maneno provides a unique insight into both the classroom and the individual student's reading level, effort and development.

Maneno highlights the books that best suit the reader's level and interests so that the student is not demotivated by too many difficult books. It also means less administration for the teacher's. Maneno presents the student with books of gradual increased difficulty and therefore strengthens the child’s reading progression.

Maneno is available at a fixed price per student per year.

Students have access to more than 200 exciting books in both Danish and English, from renowned publishers and authors. Maneno is delivered at a competitive price per student where the school cost does not depend on the book use.

Maneno Class

Buy Maneno for school use. At a fixed low student price per year, your students gain access to 200 titles in Maneno. The school edition gives your students access to Maneno and special functionalities aimed at school use. Maneno for school use was developed with the support of the Ministry of Education and with input from teachers and over 10,000 students.




Maneno Class can help your students

Maneno is a unique reading app that encourages 1st to 4th grade students to read 15 minutes every day and provides access to help during reading. Maneno is a super easy tool to build reading lessons around regardless of the student's reading level.

For every 15 minutes that the child has read, their dragon will grow. This strengthens their motivation to read.

Every time children read they collect point they can use to customize their dragon. Children can follow each other and compare their dragons.

Children can always get the help they need. They can tap words and sentences to gain a better understanding of the word. It enables to take on books above their reading level and enhances their vocabulary.

Children can choose among their favourite categories.

We have fun and exiting books for children between the age 5-12. Books vary from beginner books with a few and small words to youth litterature.


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