Umbra #6: Allies & Enemies - Maneno

Martin Vinther Madsen

Umbra #6: Allies & Enemies

The monastery in Knark has been burnt to the ground, and Jovia, Pirmin, Vita, Bertus and the other monks have sought refuge in a secret location in the mountains. Meanwhile, the people suffer under Corpu’s evil reign. When all hope seems lost, a long lost person shows up and lights a new spark of hope in Jovia and Pirmin. Now, they have one last chance to defeat Prince Corpu, and this time, they will need all the help they can get. But who will be allies and who will be enemies? ”Umbra” is a fantasy series about good and evil, courage and fear, light and shadow. Shadow readers see the evil that lurks within a person. Do you dare to read “Umbra”?
Bog Eventyr Fantasy Lang LIX 16-20 LIX18 Tellerup A/S Læs denne bog

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